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American artist Rolf Armstrong (1889 - 1960) is one of the outstanding representatives of the pin-up style in painting. Rolf Armstrong was born in Seattle in 1889 and grew up on the shore of the northwestern Pacific Ocean. In 1908, he moved to Chicago and entered the Art Institute, where he studied for three years with John Vanderpool. In the 1920s and 1930s, Armstrong's pin-up work became very popular and he reached the pinnacle of glory. His pictures of young women, with radiant smiles, with flowing flowing hair, became the standard for glamor art. And today they are among the most expensive works of pin-up art. Rolf Armstrong died on February 20, 1960 on Oahu Island in Hawaii, surrounded by his beloved blue ocean and tropical winds. Armstrong's mastery was a mixture of a magnificent play of light, bright colors and excellent craftsmanship.

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