Великие художники и их картины. Морис Барро - швейцарский художник!

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Swiss painter Maurice Barraud (1889 - 1954) The son of a waiter. Father died early. Maurice left school at the age of 14 and went to study at the School of Fine Arts in Geneva in the class of graphics. There he studied under Pierre Pignolat and James Vibert. After graduation, he worked for another two years in the graphic workshop of his teacher, then began working independently with his brother Francois Barraud. In 1914, he received a scholarship from the municipality of Geneva to travel to England. In the 1920s, Maurice Barraud traveled a lot. He traveled to Paris and Spain several times, visited Italy and traveled in North Africa. The southern lighting intrigued him so much that in 1938 he bought a house in Cassis-sur-Mer and cruised between Geneva and Cote d'Azur. Many Swiss artists of the time focused on the work of Ferdinand Hodler. Barraud especially admired Henri Matisse, Pierre Bonnar and Paul Cezanne and was very sympathetic to expressionism with its festive colors. During a trip to Italy, he saw the works of Raphael in Rome and was inspired by them, which was manifested in particular in his church paintings. In 1929, Maurice Barraud received an order for frescoes for the station in Lucerne. His landscapes and nude paintings received a great success. In addition to painting, he was engaged in lithography and etchings with a dry needle. So he created numerous book illustrations

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  • Великие художники и их картины. Морис Барро - швейцарский художник! photo

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