Детский и семейный фотограф

Дата размещения 27.05.2018
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Антарктида, Одесса

Вид услуг

Детская фотосъёмка

Сфера услуг


Страна, Город

Нидерланды (Голландия), Амстердам

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Вебсайт: www.photolga.net Fell in love with photography, when I had my first baby. In few years time I found myself completely inspired with. It came something from inside. I am a Mother of two wonderful children and a wife of loving husband. They reminds me every day, how important it is to capture all precious moments of their lives. My newborn, baby & family photography sessions style are feeling and tender, with a hint of softness and lightness in color. Love natural, bright locations, all beautiful things and the real moments that tell the stories. I absolutely adore photographing these little treasures & I consider it as a huge privilege to be asked to capture for you. Thank you for being here today. I hope that something that I have created will touch you in some way.
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